Cloud Solutions

Enterprises operating in every corner of the globe are seeking to best leverage emerging cloud services and determine the delivery model that aligns with their business goals. The promised value — dramatically lower cost, unrivaled flexibility, constant innovation — can be elusive if efforts to capture it do not take the right first steps.

New and unfamiliar challenges arise when analyzing cloud economics:

  • A very different set of resources and operating expenses is involved
  • Public cloud pricing is menu-driven, making it difficult to assess the full cost of implementation
  • Various economic drivers are linked to various application workload
  • Cloud economics for the enterprise level isn’t widely available or tested

Clients from both the user and the service provider communities turn to Everest Group to ensure that their next generation IT initiatives are successful, and we are committed to navigating our clients through the challenges and opportunities in the cloud.

Everest Group’s thought leadership in the cloud-enabled services market is distinctive and is constantly nourished through our work with leading enterprises and IT service providers. We advise enterprises on formulating pragmatic cloud visions, developing actionable cloud strategies, and building effective implementation and management plans. Our experience in helping firms ensure appropriate adoption of cloud-enabled services in sensitive risk and compliance arenas sets our open-minded solutions apart.

Who should consider cloud transformation?

  • Enterprises looking to modernize IT infrastructure and attain the disruptive benefits of cloud migration
  • IT service providers looking to gain market differentiation and leadership in the next generation IT industry
  • Private equity firms looking to maximize shareholder return via aligning business processes with business goals

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