Service Provider Consulting

The service provider universe faces unprecedented competition while pressures for growth continue unabated. The service providers who thrive will continually change how they compete. They will have to optimize their operations. And they will pursue transformational initiatives that position them to deliver superior customer value in both the near and long term.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • What is your go-to-market strategy? Do you have the most effective strategy in place? Is it evolving with the industry?
  • Where should you compete? Are you operating in the best locations to win more clients and attract the best talent?
  • How can you build an advantage that matters? And what do you have to do to sustain it?
  • Are you developing new offerings? Is your pace of innovation fast enough?
  • Are you competitive? How well are you performing compared with your peers?
  • Do you provide end-to-end support? How do you help your customers achieve their business goals?

How Everest Group Can Help

We know you are looking for a silver bullet to solve your market challenges. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. However, we can help you plan your course using our strategic problem-solving and industry knowledge.

We take a C-level view and employ a rigorous fact-based approach. Then we add our consulting experience and our independent, original research to help you create a winning master plan.

We help you define the parameters of your optimization agenda, identify the implications of changing or not changing and ensure the decisions you make support your underlying business objectives.

We have a 360-degree view of the market. Our work with outsourcing enterprise buyers provides us with first-hand knowledge of their struggles and concerns. We can reflect this voice of the customer when crafting your strategy to position your offerings for broader success.

Service Provider Consulting

Everest Group’s Service Provider Consulting has just one goal: to help you meet your customers’ needs with a high performing business model. We help you design a road map to support your fundamental business objectives.

Our recommendations come from detailed knowledge and analysis of your business, your competition, and your customers. We know how critical it is to get the relevant details right in an actionable plan that delivers impact.

Strategy – Develop insight. We understand the service provider capabilities that are critical for differentiating your solutions with customers. Questions we ask include:

  • What is the best path to sustainable growth?
    • How do your offerings compare with your competitors?
    • What clients should you target?
    • How can you differentiate yourself in ways that matter the most to enterprise buyers?
    • How can you move from being a vendor to becoming a partner in your relationships?
  • How can you leverage market trends to advantage?
    • How can you harness new technologies to better serve your existing customers and attract new ones?
    • How can you profitably deliver As-a-Service solutions?
    • What market segment and offering portfolio will result in faster-than-market growth?

We work with you collaboratively to answer these questions and help you define the most successful path forward:

  • Develop a winning services strategy
    • Refine your value proposition
    • Target the most attractive customers
    • Manage risks effectively
    • Determine pricing that balances superior growth and profitability
  • Craft a sustainable competitive position
    • Create new IP-based service offerings
    • Provide due diligence and support with for inorganic (M&A) initiatives

Execution – Drive action. We help you optimize your capabilities, operations, IT, locations, and transformation. We help you answer these questions:

  • How to improve market success?
    • How do you improve your win rates?
    • How can you most effectively pursue customers in your target market segments?
    • How do you streamline your deal process?
    • How does your pricing strategy translate to wins?
    • How do you accelerate sales in your existing accounts?
    • How to succeed with more sole source opportunities?
  • How do you move from good to best-in-class?
    • How do you ensure you are in the right locations to best serve your client mix and optimize your cost structure?
    • How can you turn around challenged customer relationships?
    • How do you leverage new technologies to make processes more effective, improve customer success and drive higher margins simultaneously?

We support your go-to-market tactics from beginning to end. This includes:

  • Embedded pursuit team support
    • Solution development
    • Value proposition communication
    • Negotiation support
  • Transition leadership
    • Governance implementation
    • Capability design
    • Skills determination
    • Risk assessment
    • Change management
  • Account management support
    • Governance execution
    • Issue identification and resolution
    • Performance improvement

Optimization – Sustain Advantage. We help you continually adapt your service model to the ever-evolving market. We can aid you with a single transaction or engineer a company-wide transformation.

Things to think about include:

  • Whom should you acquire or partner with?
  • How do you create effective channels?
  • How can you lower transition costs and time?
  • Talent management
    • What talent model will create advantage for you going forward?
    • How do you transform your talent to support what your customers are asking for?


Marvin Newell, Managing Partner, Service Provider Consulting

Marvin Newell has deep consulting experience across a broad range of industries. He has advised Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-market organizations. He has helped corporations restructure as well as implement major change programs.

Prior to joining Everest Group, Marvin was President and CEO of Scalable Software, an IT compliance and asset management software firm. He was also President and CEO of Zilliant Inc., a profit and revenue optimization company.

Marvin also served in executive roles at Baan Company, leading global indirect channels selling and deploying ERP solutions. Prior to Baan, Marvin was a Principal with McKinsey & Company, serving large services enterprises on large transformations and growth strategy. He was also a leader of McKinsey’s global IT/Systems practice and North American Electronics practice.