Global In-house Centers (GICs)

Outsourcing service providers dominate the marketing messages – but in aggregate internal service delivery is over one-quarter of the nearshore and offshore market. We help substantiate the reality and opportunity

Domain expertise in pricing, locations, GICs and service delivery technologies

Global In-house Center Capabilities

The Global In-house Center (GIC) model (formerly called “captive centers”) continues to grow rapidly and is evolving in multiple ways. GICs are stepping-up to play a broader role beyond their delivery mandates in the global sourcing models of their respective organizations, bringing more influence and accountability to them

What is a GIC?

Global In-house Center (GIC) is Everest Group’s preferred term to replace “captive” and has been adopted by NASSCOM and IBPAP as their preferred terminology as well.

Learn why the term “GIC” has replaced “captive”

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Our Global Sourcing subscription offering addresses strategic aspects of the rapidly evolving global in-house center (formerly called captive center) model, as well as other sourcing model topics. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription.



How We Serve GICs

Recognized as a leading authority on GICs, Everest Group serves GICs and their parent organizations across a spectrum of needs. Our research for GICs focuses on the critical aspects of this model, such as growth and evolution, talent development, and parent organization engagement models. We leverage our interactions and ongoing dialogue with over 100 GICs globally to ensure our research and perspectives are relevant. As a result, industry influencers and clients deem our research in this area as cutting-edge, contemporary thought-leadership.

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Next-Generation Sourcing Models

We help GICs and global sourcing offices consider, evaluate and implement next-generation sourcing models – including hybrid sourcing models, virtual GICs, and models that optimize the role GICs in the broader organization sourcing agenda

Peer Intelligence

We help GICs benchmark against other GICs and/or service providers on multiple aspects, including cost, value addition, scope of services, engagement model type, and operating model type to assess the maturity of their models

Growth Strategy and Roadmap

We help GICs consider, create and implement roadmaps for growth by assessing their value propositions, identifying “sweet-spots” and defining their enhanced future roles

Talent Strategy

We provide market intelligence and best-practice assessment studies on various aspects of talent strategy for GICs. Additionally, we help GICs evaluate and substantiate skill availability and scalability to help drive their growth agendas

Concentration Risk Assessment

We help GICs assess talent pool concentration risk in existing GICs/shared service locations and recommend ways to mitigate it, such as portfolio rebalancing, network optimization

Business Continuity Planning

We help GICs plan for business continuity along the critical dimensions of infrastructure, information systems, and human resources, as well as help assess the financial impact (revenue loss and cost of restoring delivery) of disruptive events

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