Travel & Hospitality

Unique business challenges face the hospitality industry as it strives to optimize its mid- and back-office service delivery models. With different ownership and management models comes differing viewpoints on the best delivery models for business support functions. Hotels that are privately held but are part of a chain want to have their own accounting functions on site.  Those run by management teams of a larger chain typically prefer consolidated back-office functions to exploit the advantages that shared services can bring to the table.  Franchised hotels hold divergent viewpoints – some want to run their own back office and some want the franchise “flag” corporation to operate it for them.

Adding to the complexity of these business support delivery decisions is the need for onsite personnel who provide service directly to guests, in addition to inputting valuable information into reservation and accounting systems.

Everest Group’s deep experience in the hospitality industry provides the insight hotel chains need to develop and implement their optimal service model for their mid- and back-office functions.

Guidance Everest Group provides to hotel chains (both limited-service and full-service hotels) includes:

  • Building best practice based models
  • Developing business cases for transformation initiatives
  • Gaining multiple stakeholder approval of the business case for change
  • Selecting and building shared services delivery sites
  • Hiring and training service delivery personnel
  • Outsourcing
  • Implementing new service delivery models