The global healthcare market is under pressure from all sides: Cost. Performance. Compliance. Consumerism.

To help healthcare organizations address and leverage these challenges to their competitive advantage, Everest Group brings an experienced-based understanding of how healthcare consumers, payers, providers, life science and intermediary companies interact, internally and externally.  This experience is complemented by our expertise in knowing how to successfully derive maximum benefits from today’s disruptive IT technologies, which help these interactions become more efficient, drive down costs, improve performance and help meet new regulations.

Everest Group has earned a proven record of success in the healthcare market. Today, we offer a set of integrated research, models and processes that help our healthcare clients achieve the transformation and optimization they desire. We help clients:

  • Assess, develop strategies and implement next generation IT technologies, such as cloud and mobile technology to meet the goals of varied market segments and needs, such as adoption of comprehensive EMR systems, enhanced clinical decisions and  improved physician/patient communication
  • Understand and develop strategies to not only meet but take competitive advantage of new legislation and regulations, such as the HITECH stimulus legislation and associated meaningful use goals
  • Achieve operational improvement through sourcing, process optimization, organizational redesign and governance models across all business-support and back-office functions
  • Achieve the benefits of ITO and BPO convergence
  • Monetize internal services to serve external healthcare companies
  • Navigate partnership and acquisition opportunities

Executive Point of View 

Health Insurance Mobility: Myriad B2B and B2C Opportunities for Payers throughout the Value Chain

by Rich Kabrt, Partner, and Eugene Vasilyuk, Engagement Manager

Mobility within the healthcare industry – particularly within the health insurance segment – has become one of the largest trends of the year. As the buzz has grown, IT service providers have quickly introduced offerings to meet the anticipated demand, leaving many wondering, “Is the tail wagging the dog, or are there truly benefits to be gained from adopting mobility?”

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