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Sourcing of services is an established phenomenon. The industry, which has crossed US$100 billion in annual revenues and has created more than three million jobs, has had a transformative impact on the socio-economic infrastructure of  destination locations and led to an increase in their competitiveness.

Looking ahead, immense growth potential exists. Recognizing the opportunity, more than 100 locations are competing to establish themselves as alternates to the dominant location-India. However, from an investor perspective, most of these countries appear undifferentiated.

Everest Group works with destination locations to help them compete and capitalize on this opportunity. We are the market leaders in helping in this space and our clients together constitute more than 75 percent of the global sourcing market. Our clients include national and state governments, investment promotion bodies and industry associations across Africa, India, Latin America, and S.E. Asia.

We focus on creating impact for countries. Not only do we provide actionable advice and original, industry-leading research, we also partner with countries to deliver investments and results. Our distinctiveness is based on deep understanding of global sourcing trends, strong reach and influence in the market, and on-the-ground practitioners perspective and proprietary data.

Strategy & Roadmap Development. We help locations develop the vision and ecosystem required to kick-start the development of the Industry.  We have also served multiple countries in developing the overall strategy and 5/10 year roadmaps required to guide the industry or a specific sub-sector.

Market Acceleration Services. We actively work with locations in the development of actionable and targeted market strategies. Our efforts involve articulation of distinctive positioningfor locations and the development of relevant marketing collateral. In addition, we also support our clients in the execution of marketing programs to attract investments.

Capability Building and Talent Development. The maturing market requires locations to up-skill their talent base to meet investor needs. Everest works with countries in identifying emerging skill requirements, creating systemic interventions and structuring private-public partnership programs to create impact.

Benchmarking and Research Services. Everest Group runs some of the largest location attractiveness- related databases in the world. We leverage these databases and real-life experience of our analysts to provide our clients and independent, fact-based perspective of their competitiveness.

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 Undertaken for NASSCOM

Undertaken for Business Trust

The Business Trust has worked with the Everest Group since 2007 on the development and execution of South Africa’s BPO strategy. This has been part of South Africa’s BPO sector development partnership, which has attracted some of the world’s leading BPO companies to South Africa and put this country on the global BPO map. The evidenced-based strategic insight of this focused and professional group has brought a global perspective, clear insight and facilitative style to this work. They have become an important part of our team.

― Brian Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, Business Trust