Human Resources

The role of Human Resources, or HR, has been in a state of constant change during the last few decades.

With the advent of technology and automation, HR was seen first as a processing center, primarily focused on transactional tasks.

Now the role of HR has transformed yet again — from pure administrative support to transaction house to counselor.  The goal of today’s HR organization is to become a true one-stop shop for both employees and managers.

Everest Group assists clients in defining their optimum HR operating model, establishing a client service culture and instilling an effective governance structure and framework.  Our consultants’ expertise and unique tool sets can help clients build their case for change, whether it’s the establishment of a shared services organization, shift in sourcing model or reengineering key processes. We provide detailed process and pricing benchmarks to assist you with identifying areas of improvement opportunities.

In addition, we offer detailed research, benchmarks and analysis on multi-process HRO as well as single-process HRO. Our HRO framework creates a clear and consistent dialogue about an organization’s evolving requirements, counsel on outsourcing and advice on technological solutions.

The results are an HR service delivery model for which the portfolio of service is optimized, effective management practices are in place, and best practice performance targets are established and achieved.

Let our integrated power of deep sourcing knowledge, problem-solving skills, and original research help maximize the value of your HR services, balancing your short-term needs with your long-term goals.