Strategic Outsourcing & Vendor Management Membership

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The Strategic Outsourcing &
Vendor Management Membership

Helping category managers, vendor managers, and business leaders
unlock value from outsourcing


About the Membership

From peers to providers, pricing to locations, get a complete view of the services outsourcing market delivered through a combination of published reports, data sources and assessments, and interactions.

Everest Group’s insights and analysis informs your thinking and recommendations about the newest technologies, sourcing strategies, global talent and locations, and ways to optimize your contracts and provider relationships. It’s the knowledge you need as the trusted advisor to business stakeholders.

Our Coverage

Coverage includes IT, business process, and engineering services, with deep dives in financial services, insurance, and healthcare. See the breadth of our outsourcing services coverage.

Members have unlimited access for their procurement and vendor management team members, as well as other outsourcing-related roles in their business, regardless of location.

Understand Outsourcing Markets and Service Providers | Improve Your Performance and Gain Peer Intelligence


Assess service provider capabilities, including their strategies and investments that distinguish leaders


Assess your strategic outsourcing and benchmark against peers


Sometimes you need pricing information, but a rigorous benchmark is not feasible; PriceBook can help you with price points across multiple functions, roles, and geographies, and standard deal economics


Case studies, tools & diagnostics to help you assess strategies and approaches and speed efforts to focus on critical areas

Track market growth and trends, emerging solution models, service provider developments, thought leadership

Members also enjoy access to additional services such as:
  • Data cuts: Information and data extracts from our published research databases
  • Analyst inquiry: Access to leading experts for discussion and debate and validation of your strategies and approaches
  • Virtual Roundtables: Executive discussions on priority topics facilitated by expert analysts to enable group learning

How We’re Different

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Research covers outsourcing spend categories in detail across IT, business process, and engineering services

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Three Pillars

Our content focuses on three key areas: perspectives on service provider capabilities, peer-to-peer benchmarking, and contract pricing

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