The Top GBS Employers™ in 2024

Discover the Top GBS Employers™ offering the best work environments and overall job satisfaction ratings.

The Top GBS Employers™ in India, The Philippines, and Poland – Who Are the Best GBS Organizations?

In the latest iteration of the research, we analyzed the employer brand perception of 380+ leading GBS organizations across India, Poland, and the Philippines, targeting dimensions such as compensation and benefits, work environment, career progression, leadership, work-life balance, hybrid work policies, culture and values, and diversity.

We also evaluated the performance of each of the GBS organizations in their local talent markets, spotlighting attrition rates, joiner-exit ratio, and overall employee satisfaction ratings, and uncovered the key initiatives that best-in-class GBS organizations are driving to differentiate themselves in talent markets.

With this data, the Top GBS Employers™ in India, The Philippines, and Poland report offers a comprehensive analysis of how the tech and ops workforce perceives GBS organizations.

Why is this important?

Talent is now a differentiating factor in GBS organizations’ ongoing success, and GBS employment leaders should investigate how to build their employer brand perceptions in their local talent markets.

The top GBS employers list provides an outside-in view into how prospective candidates perceive GBS employers – helping firms baseline their employee value proposition effectiveness vs. their immediate peers.

What you can find inside Everest Group's Top GBS Employers™

GBS employment teams can use Everest Group’s Top GBS Employers rankings to benchmark top GBS employer brand perceptions, see location-specific and industry-specific variations, and find key implications for GBS organizations.

How does your organization stack up?

Find out by requesting this special offer for enterprises/GBS. Get a complimentary Everest Group Top GBS Employers™ analysis for your organization.

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