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Amid economic challenges and a cautious business outlook, maintaining a positive brand image is not just important – it’s vital. Specialized skills are more critical than ever, making the attraction and retention of top talent a key objective for organizations. Exceptional talent is the golden ticket, and GBS and tech employers must revamp their approach to building, maintaining, and strengthening their employer brand in local markets. But let’s face it, it is easier said than done.

What the latest research reveals

In its third iteration, Everest Group Top Employers research dives deep into the employer brand perception of over 380 leading GBS employers across India, the Philippines, and Poland and over 430 leading tech employers across India, the US, and the UK. This study isn’t just about ratings – it’s a mirror showing how prospective employees view you across critical dimensions like compensation, work environment, work-life balance, culture, leadership, career development, and diversity. Both reports reflect employee and candidate sentiment, offering a raw, unfiltered view based on publicly available information. We continue to track this market and refresh this assessment annually.

Want to know how you stack up against the competition? This is your blueprint.

The cold, hard truths

  • Brand perception is on a downward spiral: Since 2022, employer brand perception for both GBS and tech employers has plummeted. GBS perception fell by 3% in India and the Philippines. For tech employers, brand perception dropped by 2% in India, 5% in the US, and a staggering 10% in the UK. These figures aren’t just stats—they’re a wake-up call. Brand perception is volatile, and if you’re not constantly investing in your EVP, you’re falling behind
  • Volatility is the new norm: Employer brand perception is as stable as a house of cards. Last year’s top employers have faded – 40-45% of top employers have fallen from grace
  • Career development is a dealbreaker: A lack of investment in career development and upskilling is a major turn-off for employees. GBS ratings in this area have dropped by 7% YoY in India and the Philippines. For tech employers, the drop is even more pronounced, with ratings falling by 8-12%, especially in the UK. This is a clear signal: employees want growth opportunities, and if you’re not providing them, they’ll look elsewhere

Busting the myths

  • Big doesn’t mean better: Think your size will save you? Think again. Some of the largest GBS entities are getting slammed with negative feedback. Size isn’t the silver bullet
  • Old isn’t gold: Longevity doesn’t guarantee success. Many companies hit their peak brand perception in the first three years and then decline. Don’t rest on your laurels
  • Location, location, location: Headquarters matter. North American-headquartered GBS fare better in India and the Philippines, while European-headquartered GBS do better in Poland

The outside-in advantage

Here’s the kicker – understanding and leveraging outside-in brand perception might just be your secret weapon. This perspective offers invaluable insights into how prospective employees see you.

  • Validate and identify gaps in your internal pulse surveys by comparing them with your external branding strategy. See what’s working and what isn’t
  • Align your internal strategies with these external perceptions, and you’re on your way to attracting and retaining top talent
  • Leverage this independent outside-in assessment to supercharge your branding initiatives

Making it actionable

So, what can you do? Here are some actionable insights:

  • Invest in EVP: Constantly evolve your Employee Value Proposition. It’s a moving target and requires continuous effort
  • Enhance the work environment: Create a workplace that people want to be a part of. Invest in a positive work culture and flexible work policies
  • Competitive compensation: Make sure your pay and benefits are at least on par with your competition. Don’t give talent a reason to look elsewhere
  • Prioritize career development: Offer clear paths for growth and upskilling opportunities. Show your employees you’re invested in their future
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion: Foster an inclusive environment. It’s not just about ticking boxes – it’s about creating a culture where everyone feels valued
  • Stay agile: Keep your finger on the pulse of employee sentiment and be ready to adapt quickly. Brand perception is volatile, and complacency is your enemy

Conclusion: embrace outside-in brand perception

As the battle for top talent heats up, the importance of a strong employer brand can’t be overstated. The insights from the “Top GBS Employers” and “Top Employers for Tech Talent” reports highlight the need for a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to building and maintaining a positive brand image. Focus on continuous improvement in key areas, understand and leverage the connection between local and global brand perception, and be ready to adapt. The ability to respond to changing perceptions will be crucial for sustaining a strong employer brand in the dynamic global market.

In the end, the quest for top talent is relentless. But with the right strategies, you can turn the tide in your favor. Are you ready to step up your game?

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