NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2011 – Proof that the global offshore market’s recovery is in the bag! | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

Attending the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (ILF) in Mumbai for the fourth year in a row has reinforced in my mind that the event is not just about India any more. For starters, the six hour flight from Delhi to Mumbai this morning felt like intercontinental travel courtesy of the Delhi fog and an overzealous airline staff who remained determined to meet on-time performance SLAs. Second, the representation from countries beyond India continues to increase – participation statistics suggest 1,600 delegates from 30+ countries are attending the 19th edition of the ILF. Further, the number of country/regional associations showcasing their capabilities at NASSCOM is at an all time high – Bhutan, Colombia, Jordan, Nova Scotia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, UK, to name a few!

In fact, the “masala chai” is one of the only things that keeps ILF firmly Indian amid the international ambience. (Tip: if you are looking to get the flavored tea all day long, try the NASSCOM Connect Lounge).

Finally, in the last few years, I have been gauging the health of the global offshore IT/BPO services market not by the numbers shared in the annual Strategic Review report but by the delegate bag in which you find the report. At the peak of the recession, we saw the less-expensive jute bag make an appearance. However, this year we are back to the more deluxe leather version, confirming that all is well with the global offshore IT/BPO services market. The recovery is in the bag.

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