Examples of Uncertainty in Business Across Enterprises and the Technology Services Sector | 2 of 3

This is the second video in our three-part video series exploring global uncertainty in business. In this video, Akash Verma, Practice Director, and Satyam Kataria, Senior Analyst, discuss the headwinds impacting industries across banking and financial services, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.

To address the uncertainty within these industries, Everest Group analyzed the current challenges and the future outlook. One example of uncertainty in business is the banking and financial services industry, which is seeing rising interest rates and a decline in investment banking revenue, but the outlook shows strong deal pipeline and business credit.

The retail industry is seeing a rise in the cost of food and fuel, and elevated markdowns on products and currency exchange show rate fluctuations. The outlook for this industry is portraying an acceleration in digital business, strong demand for private labels, and an increase in volumes.

Another example of uncertainty in business is the healthcare industry, which shows inflation and high labor cost, but the outlook is positive with demand for segments like preventative care coming back at pre-pandemic levels.

Finally, manufacturing is seeing a headwind in the cost of raw material and semiconductors; however, the outlook is still showing strong demand for products and the focus is on addressing supply side challenges.

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