Building Effective Category Strategies – Trust and Safety Category Strategy | Video 8

Bhanushee Malhotra is joined by Abhijnan Dasgupta, both Practice Directors at Everest Group, to discuss trust and safety (T&S) for category strategies. Using Everest Group’s templates for category strategies, trust and safety can be easily distinguished from other practices.

Typically, T&S has to do with moderating content created by users. This content moderation is done by both human content moderators and artificial intelligence (AI). While this takes up the bulk of T&S, other services such as data annotation, content relevance, and transcription/translation are also included. T&S also extend to adjacent areas of customer experience management (CMX), marketing, BFS, and human resources. Enterprises are spending billions of dollars on T&S, which is a fairly recent development from the last five years. In addition to frameworks for T&S services, Everest Group’s category strategies templates cover a wide range of concepts such as internal needs, understanding the market, and other assessments.

Learn more in this ready-to-use category strategy template offering editable frameworks for internal assessment and detailed industry and market category overviews to assist category managers, procurement professionals, and CPOs in creating an informed category strategy for T&S services: Category Strategy – Trust & Safety Services

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Video 8: Building Effective Category Strategies – Trust and Safety Category Strategy

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