Research Insider: Everest Group's Tech Provider Coverage and AR Initiatives

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

Watch this LinkedIn Live session with Everest Group’s Kriti Gupta, Practice Director, Katrina Menzigian, Vice President, and Nisarg Shah, Practice Director, for an example-focused discussion on Everest Group’s research into technology provider and platform markets. 📊

Using two vertical segments, Healthcare and Life Sciences 🏥, and Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance 💰, our experts explored how our research-based approach helps identify technology product market opportunities and develop effective go-to-market strategies and positioning. 🚀

What questions did this LinkedIn Live answer for the participants?

1. What technologies and platform markets does Everest Group cover? 🌐
2. What is unique about Everest Group’s approach to its coverage of technology provider and platform markets? 🧠
3. What kinds of business challenges and objectives are the target of Everest Group’s technology product research? 💼

Meet the Presenters

Practice Director
Vice President
Practice Director

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