2019 IT Service Provider of the Year

The PEAK Matrix
Service Provider of the Year™ awards

What are the PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year™ Awards for IT Services?

In 2018, Everest Group published 21 PEAK Matrix™ IT services evaluations featuring 85 service providers across all evaluations. To recognize consistent top performers across PEAK Matrix assessments, we publish the PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year Awards. This is the fourth edition of the PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year Awards.

Why the PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year Awards?

Everest Group PEAK Matrix evaluations are a valuable resource for IT services buyers to evaluate, compare, and contrast key service providers in the global services space. These assessments offer service provider selection guidance, as well as nuanced insights into these providers’ strategies for key business lines, geographies, and technologies.

While there are service providers that feature as Star Performers, Leaders, Major Contenders, or Aspirants on individual evaluation categories, there are some that exhibit consistent leadership and top performance across many different categories. As today’s enterprises navigate the complex landscape of next-generation and legacy technologies, a global business footprint and a complex provider portfolio, the PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year Awards help them to identify the best of the best – service providers with strong broad-based capabilities and successful services strategies that align well with the evolving enterprise IT demand.

How are the PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year awards evaluated?

We use the following evaluation criteria to determine the Service Provider of the Year awards:

  • ITS Top 20 list: We create the list using a consolidated score reflecting points received on individual evaluations based on tiered scores for Star Performer, Leader, Major Contender, and Aspirant positions
  • Individual category awards: We base these awards on the count of Leader or Star Performer positions across the category evaluated
  • Top 10 Challengers: We create this list using the same methodology as the ITS Top 20 list. This list recognizes the top 10 service providers with annual revenue of less than US$2 billion
chart depicting 21 IT segments of study
chart with ranking and awards categories of ITS Top 20 companies
Chart with leaders' and star performers' names and logos
two charts with ranking comparison of ITS top 20 in 2019 vs 2018
  • Top of the leaderboard: Accenture retains its position at the top of the leaderboard
  • Top 4: There is no change in the positioning of the top 4 listees, with TCS, Cognizant, and Wipro all maintaining their positions
  • Moving up the ladder: 6 service providers improved their rankings–HCL moved from 6 to 5–Capgemini moved from 8 to 6–LTI moved from 13 to 11–Mphasis moved from 17 to 15–Hexaware moved from 18 to 17–Genpact moved from 20 to 18
  • New entrants: Deloitte (19) entered the leaderboard for the first time
  • Exits: EPAM (19 in 2018) fell from the leaderboard, slipping to 23rd position
  • Overall: 6 service providers improved their rankings, 6 service providers slipped, and 7 service providers maintained their rankings
chart with 2019 vs 2018 top 10 ITS challengers' names and logos