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Content Supply Chain: Embracing AI in the Content Development Lifecycle

In today’s hyper-connected world, there’s a growing demand for seamless, personalized customer experiences, which is challenging marketers to create, share, and track quality content at scale. 🌐

The content supply chain (CSC) addresses this need by integrating processes in a content ecosystem, fostering both technological and organizational transformation. Implementing a CSC helps streamline workflows, scale content delivery, and help businesses gain a competitive edge.

🔄 Watch this LinkedIn Live on demand to explore the benefits of adopting a CSC and its future implications for enterprises and service providers. 📈

During this session, we discussed questions such as:

• What challenges do marketers face when managing a content lifecycle?

• What is a content supply chain, and how is it disrupting content lifecycle development?

• What is the role of AI in the content supply chain, and how is it supercharging content operations? 🤖

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