Complimentary Report Access | GBS of the Future: Toward an Integrated and Borderless GBS Model (Part 1 of 2)

The fundamentals of the GBS model have been challenged by various external factors in recent years, including digital technology development, pandemic-induced remote/hybrid delivery growth, talent shortage, and stress-testing of organizations’ Business Continuity Planning (BCP) or agility. As a result, prevalent GBS maturity and success measures are becoming less effective in helping GBS organizations plan their future strategies.

Everest Group interacted with GBS leaders in more than 50 GBS organizations to establish five GBS personas (defining the nature of GBS organizations based on their attributes and personalities). These personas are built on a strong foundation and the success of our earlier GBS maturity/evaluation frameworks but capture new capabilities that will define GBS in the future – a borderless organization that is integrated with the enterprise.

This viewpoint is the first in a series of two reports on changing enterprise expectations from the GBS model and the urgent need to redefine GBS personas.

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