Rahul Gehani first joined Everest Group in 2009 as a Senior Analyst and eventually moved up to Vice President in 2015, before he ventured out to begin a business with a couple of partners. With the new business, he provided support helping to set up HR, finance, legal, accounting, and full-time and temporary talent fulfillment segments within companies.

Rahul soon realized he wanted to get back into the sourcing, advisory, and benchmarking industry, so he began a position with a US-based advisory firm. During this time, he set up the India center of excellence for the US-based company. “It was similar to what I was doing at Everest Group, but with the added challenge of setting up a company from scratch,” said Rahul.

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When a great opportunity comes knocking, you answer

After two years with the advisory firm, a former colleague at Everest Group reached out to Rahul to let him know Everest Group had substantially grown since he left, opening up more leadership roles. The colleague knew Rahul had worked to set up a price benchmarking hub in India and asked if he would be interested in leading the pricing assurance team at Everest Group. “Overall, Everest Group, and specifically the pricing assurance team, had grown significantly, and I was excited about the opportunity to rejoin the team,” Rahul said.

Also, during his time away from Everest Group, Rahul regularly came across stakeholders who were Everest Group clients or were active consumers of Everest Group’s research. “I could really see how far Everest Group’s reach had extended in the broader ecosystem,” said Rahul. “The recognition of Everest Group’s work was substantial. And I could see that rejoining the company would be a great position to be in as an employee and a leader,” he said.

A culture and values that make returning a simple decision

Rahul was excited to get back to Everest Group’s collaborative culture and close interaction across teams. He also appreciated the quality of people and the expertise that they brought to the table. “Even in my first few years at Everest Group, my experience with my colleagues was awesome,” he said.

Rahul recalls how he truly believed in the work that they were doing. “The emphasis on giving absolutely top-quality deliverables and everybody being completely devoted to the work and its value are just some of the strengths that attracted me back into the firm,” he said. “Since I’ve been back, leading these large teams and aligning them to these goals has been a wonderful experience.”

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Creating deliverables that make big differences for clients

For Rahul, Everest Group differs from other research firms because of its attention to cultivating client relationships. “We don’t just deliver a report, and that’s the end,” he said. “We continue to follow up and work with the client, and we are always open to answering and addressing questions, even if it means going beyond the initially agreed-upon scope. Everest Group takes a collaborative approach and sets out to ultimately deliver what the client needs,” he explained.

Rahul also describes how the insights delivered to clients are actionable, usable, and practical, so their next steps are clear.

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And despite Everest Group’s growth, he describes how the employees are still always in a mindset to keep expanding their capabilities. “We’re still looking at how we can provide new service offerings, create more detail in terms of the services we are delivering our clients, and invest in internal enabling functions,” he said. “We are very deliberate and strategic in the way we think about the future,” he explained.

Going a step further to exceed clients’ expectations

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Since rejoining Everest Group, Rahul has spent the years helping clients find the most accurate and comprehensive answers. One recent project that stands out for Rahul was gathering detailed information on the cyber security market and its current pricing trends. Rahul and his team worked tirelessly to answer the client’s questions on the next-gen elements of the cyber security services market. “The client had been looking for external help to find answers, but did not get the confidence that most benchmarkers and TPAs have the adequate understanding and experience to do justice to its needs. In the end, the client was very appreciative of our thorough work, responsiveness, and determined effort to find the best solutions and path forward for them,” said Rahul.

Prepared to take on any challenge

“I’ve watched Everest Group develop such a strong base, and I’m excited about the firm’s potential for continued growth in this ever-changing industry,” said Rahul.

“We are making a real impact on the problems clients are struggling with,” he said. “At Everest Group, we are equipped to face new challenges head-on.”

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