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Explore our unique culture through the words of our employees as they describe their career journeys and how they found their way to Everest Group. Working together is a way of life at Everest Group, and this sentiment is echoed throughout these stories.

Forging Her Own Path: How a Love of People Brought a Strong Leader to Everest Group

This learning, evolving attitude is one of the reasons Robin loves working at Everest Group. “I count my blessings every day I work here,” she says. “Everest Group truly has a fantastic culture of caring about their clients and their people, which drives a greater level of passion and commitment universally felt by everyone working here.”

Innovation, Resilience, and Growth: How an Everest Group Employee Turns Challenges into Triumphs

Patricia Blair came to Everest Group with a wide range of skills and a wealth of experience. Originally a consultant in the early years of her career, she eventually moved into marketing. Over time, as Everest Group grew, Patricia developed a digital and operations niche within the company.

An Opportunity I Didn’t Want to Miss

During his time away from Everest Group, Rahul regularly came across stakeholders who were Everest Group clients or were active consumers of Everest Group’s research. “The recognition of Everest Group’s work was substantial. And I could see that rejoining the company would be a great position to be in as an employee and a leader,” he said.

How Taking a Chance on a Temporary Position Led to Long-term Career Success

Shagun Sood first joined Everest Group as a temporary contractor in talent acquisition in human resources, filling the role of an employee on maternity leave. She accepted the position knowing that taking a temporary role would be a risk; however, the contract also promised that if the position was a fit for Shagun, it would turn full-time. She was initially hesitant, but her intuition told her to go for it.

How a Passion for Learning and Encouragement from Leadership Delivers Innovation and Upward Growth

Ronak remembers being drawn to Everest Group because of the vast opportunities to learn, and he was intrigued by how the analysts at Everest Group take research to a deeper level and help clients make confident decisions. Ronak didn’t know it yet, but he was at the beginning of a years-long journey with Everest Group, climbing from Senior Analyst to Partner and discovering what it means to be an effective analyst and a great leader.

How a Culture of Trust and Respect Helps Employees Thrive and Accelerates Productivity

Bhanushee Malhotra has worked for Everest Group for the last two and a half years. A writer since childhood and passionate about content development, she was drawn to Everest Group’s culture and research-focused work. For Bhanushee, Everest Group’s “flat culture” environment is one in which she thrives.

How a Design Leader was Inspired to Build a Team with Unstoppable Potential

Before Everest Group, Navidita had been working in publishing for about twelve to thirteen years. And while she was thinking about looking for something different, she hadn’t yet investigated other positions. “Everest Group actually reached out to me,” she said. Navidita was drawn to the idea of trying something fresh and decided to take a chance on the new opportunity.

A Company that Invites New Ideas and Offers Space to Grow

Before coming to Everest Group, Anil Vijayan worked for a multinational professional services firm on the advisory side. He was content with the position, but a new opportunity at Everest Group caught his eye. He was intrigued by the potential new challenge and was compelled to learn more.

Everest Group’s Spirit of Collaboration and Teamwork Cultivate Success

Warren quickly felt at home in his new position at Everest Group, despite the growing pains of switching career paths. “I love working with and helping people, whether it’s building relationships and solving problems or collaborating with my co-workers. And the people at Everest Group genuinely want to see each other succeed,” he said.

How a US Marine Followed His Heart to Everest Group

Shawn went into the Marines wanting to learn how to be a leader and to gain discipline. “I wanted to be able to operate my life on my terms and be in control of it,” Shawn explains. “But I needed to understand what it was like to shoulder responsibility and I needed to grow up first,” he says. Looking back, Shawn says he got out of it exactly what he was looking for and remembers those lessons and skills he earned when facing adversity or challenges today.

Growth and Purpose Give Everest Group Employees a Reason to Stay

After graduating from the Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies at the University of Delhi, Parul quickly moved into an analyst role for another research organization. However, it wasn’t long before she decided she wanted to find a field of specialization for her career. She saw an opportunity with Everest Group, where she initially joined as a Generalist.

How the Support of a Company Helped an Employee Grow Professionally and Personally

Sakshi began her career at Everest Group as a Senior Analyst on the research team in 2011 in the India office. In 2013, she and her husband embarked on a huge life change that would ultimately shape their future. Her husband got a new job in the U.S., and they were also about to welcome a new baby girl.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

We commit to making Everest Group a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful place for all our employees. We embrace diversity and want all our employees to feel that they belong and bring their authentic selves to work.

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