Who is on the 2017 BPS Top 50?

See the just-released 2017 Everest Group BPS Top 50™ to find out

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What is the Everest Group BPS Top 50™?

The Everest Group BPS Top 50 is a global list of the 50 largest third-party providers, based on their revenues (excluding public-sector focused services). Everest Group publishes this list every year based on the prior calendar year’s revenues

Why the BPS Top 50?

The global third-party BPS industry is valued at about US$150 billion today. However, it lacks any reference points to identify the largest service providers, their growth, and coverage across geography, domain and buyer size. The Everest Group BPS Top 50 fills this gap

How is the BPS Top 50 determined?

We determine the list based on multiple sources of information and analysis, including: (1) Listed companies’ reported BPS revenues and (2) Bottom-up revenue build leveraging Everest Group’s proprietary BPS databases, which are tracked and maintained at the functional levels

What you will find inside the BPS Top 50

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The service provider’s annual revenue in US$ million, reported or estimated

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YOY Growth

Is the service provider growing? Is it a fast-growing, emerging provider? Or is it established but facing stagnant growth?

Key BPS Offerings

In what key BPS areas, horizontal and industry-specific, are the service provider’s offerings?

Everest Group 2017 BPS Top 50