NOA Service Delivery Automation SIG — May 23, 2016 | Events

In 2015, we saw an unprecedented rise in the use of automation across business process services globally, from both service providers and their clients.

Recent research conducted by Everest Group has demonstrated that levels of understanding vary hugely across the automation space; when the outsourcing industry is asked what it knows about automation, responses range from advanced levels of understanding to “absolutely no idea.”

Following on from the introductory automation special interest group held on February 11, 2016, this SIG will study the impact automation technologies are having on global service delivery, focusing especially on how location strategies are affected.

This session will offer a brief overview of ways in which automation impacts the traditional labour arbitrage-driven model of business process delivery, and how it could impact delivery models and locations portfolio strategies.

The presentation will include topics on leverage of nearshore and offshore locations, consolidation, and changes in talent profiles of delivery centres.

Speakers include:

  • Anurag Srivastava, locations expert and Practice Director for Global Sourcing, Everest Group

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