Global Business Services – What Are They? Do They Make a Difference? | Webinar

Tuesday, September 24 | 9 a.m. CDT

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As shared services organizations mature, some are becoming global business services that seemingly feature more automation, centralization and analytics. But what is a global business service organization really, and how does it differ from a global multi-functional shared services organization?

EXL Service and recently partnered on a study to look into how the two models differ. The results of the study will be shared during this insightful webinar. In particular, we will discuss:

  • Who do GBSs report into and how are they governed (do reporting lines differ from company to company)?
  • What is the true difference between GBS and multi-functional shared services?
  • How does the difference impact the service you offer and the delivery model required?
  • Which companies are managing true GBS and what are the experienced difference in output?
  • Is your organization a candidate for GBS?

If you are looking at better supporting the increasing demands of your business, and examining how your shared services model may need to adapt, then register today for this webinar.


  • Terry Balzanella, Vice President Europe – Finance and Accounting Center of Excellence, EXL Service
  • Steven De Decker, EMEA Regional GBS Manager, Cargill
  • Shyan Mukerjee, Practice Director, Everest Group

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