Go-to-Market/Growth Strategy

For most service providers, growth is their single most important strategic imperative. Helping them achieve that growth is one of Everest Group’s greatest strengths.

No matter what your industry, geography or process, Everest Group can equip you with the deep insights and actionable strategic thinking you need to win in today’s intensely competitive environment.

Our experience in the global services industry gives us a unique understanding of the value levers that are most relevant to customers, enabling our teams, working collaboratively with you, to craft finely-tuned value propositions (including pricing) and effective sales approaches.

Once the strategy is defined, our clients often ask us to help develop practical tools and tactics for the marketplace. Drawing on our expertise in organizational effectiveness and change management, we help establish practical structures and productive organizational behaviors for the long term.

Services that support clients’ growth and Go-To-Market initiatives include:

  • Growth strategy/go-to-market strategy
    • Value proposition refinement
    • Pricing strategy
    • Competitive positioning
    • New offering development
    • Market entry strategy
  • Service delivery optimization
  • Organization effectiveness
    • Organization design
    • Change management
    • Capability/skill development
    • Sales effectiveness
    • Governance design and execution
  • Pursuit support
    • Account strategy
    • Accelerated sales cycles/sole source
    • Solution development
    • Negotiation support
  • M&A support
    • Strategy
    • Targeting
    • Deal support
    • Due diligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk management
    • Risk assessment
    • Delivery strategy risk
    • Client delivery risk
    • Risk management strategy
  • Transition support
    • Program management
    • Transformation strategy
    • Change management
  • Original research
    • Subscription research
    • Custom projects