Service Improvement Action Plan

Clients and investors expect you to increase your value to them…day in and day out. So it’s natural to expect the same from your service providers. Like any close working association, third-party relationships can disappoint over time for a variety of reasons:

  • A troubled transition. You got off to a bad start and never fully recovered.
  • Unfulfilled expectations. Realistic or unrealistic, your service provider never quite fulfilled your original expectations.
  • Lost alignment. The interests of both parties drifted over time and are no longer aligned.
  • Market advances. Markets change, sometimes with warp speed, and your service provider, while faithfully meeting all original expectations, has not kept up with the new reality.

What causes this gap? A major cause is the inherent differences between service providers and service recipients. Service providers are efficiency oriented while service recipients are effectiveness oriented.


Service effectiveness


Service providers must relentlessly acknowledge and address this difference. If they don’t, your continued competitive success – and theirs – is on the line.

How Everest Group Can Help

Sometimes only an expert outsider can identify and rectify the complex root causes of this gap. Everest Group consultants can help you develop an objective and pragmatic action plan to draw the parties closer together to shrink – if not eliminate – the gap. Sometimes the answer is to enhance the current relationship; other times we recommend alternative service delivery sources, both internal and external, in whole or in part.

Everest Group’s unique mix of in-house research and deep experience, which comes from a blend of seasoned advisors, top-tier management consultants and professionals with service delivery backgrounds, enables us to cut to the heart of the issues and develop an appropriate improvement plan. Our team works with you to design a course of action complete with clear milestones.


Service optimization

We work collaboratively with both parties to move quickly and efficiently from insight to action.

Service Improvement Plan Services

Everest Group’s Service Improvement Plan services include:

  • Identifies, then addresses any misalignments between stakeholders in both organizations. The goal: to reduce tension between the two parties.
  • Enables the repaired relationship to move up the value chain. This helps the service recipient move from direct cost savings to business or even strategic impact.
  • Identifies new functional areas or broadens the scope within a function. This creates additional value.
  • Strengthens practices in operational delivery, contractual provisions, and governance. This reduces the current friction.
  • Identifies alternative service providers both internal and external, if necessary. We also calculate the expected costs, benefits, and risks of the transition so you can make an informed decision.

We apply the same rigor to internal as we do to external alternative service delivery options. Our goals always remain the same:

  • To determine the best way for our clients to achieve their desired outcomes
  • To figure out how to make these outcomes sustainable for the long term
  • To accommodate the exigencies of the current constraints


Strategic Engagement Review


Rich Kabrt, Partner, Sourcing Advisory Practice

Kabrt RichRich Kabrt co-leads Everest Group’s Sourcing Advisory Practice with Betty Rhiger. Rich helps clients maximize their value from global services through data-driven and unbiased advice. As a creative yet practical strategist, Rich advises clients across industries to define the sourcing strategy that fits best, then works with the clients to determine a road map for implementation. The goal: to create an impactful operational reality that generates expanding benefits over time.

Rich, through the combined power of Everest Group research and consulting, assists clients with service strategies encompassing workforce optimization, outsourcing, internal shared services and Global In-house Centers.

Prior to Everest Group, Rich served as Director of Operations at the eBusiness Advisory firm Scient. He started his career as a strategic transformation consultant in technology-intensive industries at Booz, Allen & Hamilton, where he later served as Director of Operations for the largest industry practice and later the Asia-Pacific Japan region.