Service Optimization

In any industry and every functional group within an organization, there is a constant pressure to drive more value. Maybe you’ve sourced a bunch of services, and now you aren’t getting the value you thought you would be getting. Maybe you got the original value, but now it’s time to achieve the next level of value.

Whether it’s an internal shared services center, an outsourced arrangement, or a Global In-house Center (GIC), there are many levers that a company can pull that will help achieve greater value in your sourcing relationship. Here are some of the questions you need to ask of your organization:

  • What value are we really trying to achieve? Do we have the right governance in place to ensure that we understand the balance between competing objectives? Are we able to even measure outcomes?
  • How does my organization ensure that we achieve the planned value? Do we have the capability to ensure a smooth transition ourselves to the desired new state?
  • How do I identify the solutions that can be leveraged to achieve greater value from my services? Do we need better technology, improved processes, a new organizational design? All of the above?
  • How can we ensure we are getting the best deal? What are the appropriate industry benchmarks? 

How Everest Group Can Help

Since 1991, Everest Group has assisted leading companies to objectively address these questions and others. We helped our clients craft custom solutions through an integrated mix of market-leading research and deeply experienced advisory professionals who have a top-tier management consulting and with service delivery backgrounds.

We operate from insight to action, supporting our clients through the ongoing service delivery optimization in a robust yet flexible manner. Everest Group helps its clients course correct to achieve the expected value or achieve the next level of value by challenging all parties – the shared services center, the GIC, outsourcing buyer, and the appropriate service providers – to come up with solutions.

After more than two decades, we have developed a 360-degree view of the services marketplace – learnings gleaned from buyers, providers, and enablers. This means we do not begin with a canned solution in mind. Instead, we focus on your objectives to ensure we suggest the right course for your organization.

Service Optimization Solutions

Everest Group’s Service Optimization Solutions includes:


Betty Rhiger, Partner, Sourcing Advisory Practice

Betty RhigerBetty Rhiger leads Everest Group’s Sourcing Advisory Practice with Todd Hintze. Betty possesses a unique mix of over 20 years of global services industry supply side and advisory expertise. She excels in creatively adapting traditional methodologies to help clients make informed decisions around their long-term strategies and objectives, delivery models and use of disruptive technologies. And her experience in working for service providers gives her the insider’s insights necessary to help clients fully understand third parties’ proposed solutions and negotiating strategies.

She is also adept at quickly sensing company cultures and adjusting her teams’ approaches to align with her clients. Her primary focuses are helping Canadian Global 1000 banking, financial services, energy and utilities companies achieve next generation IT and F&A process excellence.