Energies & Utilities

Energy and Utility corporations are being challenged with complex regulation, increasing resource costs and unpredictable market conditions. To survive and thrive within this environment, energy and utility companies are focused on efficiency and cost reduction – and delivering ROI quickly. These pressures further complicate the already challenging service delivery environment for organizations.

Everest Group’s sweet spot is helping organizations with the complex challenges related to the delivery of business support services, so they can maximize the value of these back- and middle-office services, including IT Infrastructure, IT Applications, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement and Contact Center Services, as well as  industry-specific functions, such as Smart Grid and Meter management. We help our clients take the first step on their pathway to long-term returns.

We’ll complement your team’s focused experience and expertise with our broad view, which is informed by our extensive experience with Energy and Utility organizations, original research and open mind. Our experts will help develop a service delivery strategy driven by the facts of your particular environment. We’ll then guide you through successful implementation of your solution — whether for optimization of your existing internal services, creation or transformation of your shared services center or global in-house center (GIC), outsourcing your services, or incorporating a blended or hybrid solution.

Let our integrated power of deep sourcing knowledge, problem-solving skills, and original research benefit your organization. Let us help you continue on the path to sustainable returns.