Next generation IT is quickly becoming synonymous with efficiency, flexibility and reduced enterprise costs. Furthermore, as the Applications Development & Maintenance (ADM) marketplace has matured, the demands on these services have increased exponentially: Quicker access to talent. Shorter time to market. Increased standardization. Lower costs.

Chief Information Officers and Chief Financial Officers everywhere are rethinking their IT strategies to improve business processes, cut costs and make sure their organizations are future-ready.

Everest Group, with our portfolio of consulting services, original research and industry resources, can help your organization balance its short-term needs with its long-term goals, as it navigates the complex decisions it faces in tackling next generation IT environments.

Our starting point, our “true north,” is to support the full transformation journey with an unwavering focus on shareholder return. Our core beliefs are:

  • Economics matter – A migration to a next generation model must provide truly disruptive savings
  • Facts matter – Management decisions must be driven by facts and analytics; executives need a clear vision of the transformation, not just hopes and speculations
  • Independence matters – Our next generation IT solution is not one-size-fits-all but customized to fit each client’s needs

Everest Group’s Next Generation IT practice offers distinct strategies to help enterprises understand the opportunities and scope of transforming and the ensuing benefits, but at the same time, evaluate risks and challenges associated with implementation. Our methodology involves collecting and building an enterprise application workload segmentation to help identify potential areas for next generation migration, such as cloud transformation. The recommendations and roadmap we give to the client are based on facts, real economics and our completely unbiased viewpoint. At the end of the day, our solution will always focus on shareholder value – whether that is optimization of existing internal services, realignment of global in-house centers (GICs), creation of cloud-enabled environments, or a hybrid model of all of the above.

Let our unmatched portfolio of consulting services, original research and industry resources drive next generation transformation through your organization.