Everest Group offers strategic advice to help you with the complex problems related to your global services. Through our integrated power of deep sourcing knowledge, problem-solving skills, and original research, we help you get the maximum value from your back- and middle-office services.

Our consultant — equipped with our function-specific research — possess the comprehensive knowledge in wide range of areas including IT Infrastructure, IT applications, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement and Contact Center Services. They will complement your internal team’s focused experience and expertise with a broad view informed by our work with multiple projects in your functional area.

Our team will provide you a new level of insight to successfully address the rising pressure to delivery ROI quickly within the already challenging service delivery environment  — whether that means optimization of your existing internal services, creation, or transformation of your shared service center or global in-house center (GIC), outsourcing your services, or incorporating a blended or hybrid solution.

Let us help you take the first step on your pathway to long-term returns.


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