Leverage the A3 Revolution: The Future of Work Report 2021

The global Talent Gap is still expanding, set to reach 160 million people in tech alone by 2025.

The Future of Work 2021 report has been released: "The A3 Revolution"

Covid has changed the way work gets done and expectations of specialists. Companies need to reimagine their processes. The Future of Work Report 2021 “The A3 Revolution”, analyzes how work has shifted to an “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere” model, examining the three megatrends of flexible working hours, new forms of employment that are replacing full time contracts, and a lack of geographical constraints.

In the Future of Work 2021 report, released by Talent Alpha, Everest Group and other industry collaborators deliver a comprehensive look at the Future of work and the need to change our skills management strategy today to adjust to the new reality.

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