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HR Pros Struggle To Find Time To Address Emerging Trends | In the News

Employers able to remain agile and respond to shifts in employee needs will be in a good position in the war for talent, as Ryu notes.

But as the research shows, making time to address these issues and adopt programs is difficult for HR professionals who also are coping with day-to-day operations. Still, HR’s strategic role is expanding and leaders will have to find a way to reduce administrative tasks. More are leaning on technology to do the heavy lifting, while others have turned to outsourcing. In fact, the global multi-process HR outsourcing market will enjoy significant growth in the coming years, exceeding $5 billion in 2020, the Everest Group predicted earlier this year. Similarly, employers are increasingly outsourcing leave administration; roughly half of large employers do so, according to the Disability Management Employer Coalition. Moreover, more than 80% of the organization’s survey respondents consider their programs to be co-sourced — up from 48% last year.

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Employers Struggling with Absence, Disability Management | In the News

Employers might consider a multi-faceted approach to better manage absences and accommodate for worker disabilities, and the index provided a few suggestions. They included using data to benchmark against industry competitors; investing in formal return-to-work and stay-at-work programs to support employee engagement and productivity; adhering to Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) best practices; and building a robust training program to teach managers how to identify conditions and communicate with employees, among other solutions.

Many companies, though, have turned to third parties to help them better manage their leave practices. Forty percent of companies with 1,000 or more employees outsource their FMLA management, as do 27% of companies with 50 or more employees, according to recent research. Additionally, the Everest Group has predicted that the global HR outsourcing market will continue at a rate of 6% to 8% growth for at least the next few years, exceeding $5 billion by 2020.

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