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IT Firms Expand Operations As Demand For Digital Services Soars | In the News

Information technology firms are steadily increasing their volume of delivery centers, as global demand for digital services continues to rise.

According to the latest study from Everest Group, the number of global delivery centers has increased 177% over the past four years.

The share of digital services in outsourcing deals also doubled in the last three years, with cloud, IoT, and big data solutions experiencing higher demand than automation and artificial intelligence services.

Despite the rise, the global services market has not grown much, mainly because the BPO market has dipped, with its share sliding by 4%, from 46% to 42%.

Pointing at Brexit and the protectionist policies of the current US administration, Everest Group says it expects the global services market to continue declining this year as well.

Macroeconomic slowdown, volatility in equity and investment markets, and currency fluctuations will also hamper the growth rate, says Anurag Srivastava, vice president and director of the Global Sourcing practice at Everest Group.

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Indian techies are taking these online courses to get reskilled amid layoffs | In the News

Infosys, India’s second largest software exporter this year, has set a bet for graduates who are given campus offers. A graduate is asked to pick a paid course on front-end development (of website or an app) on Udacity, the online technology education provider. The person must get a nano degree or pass the course before being put on training at its Mysuru campus. Once he or she gets placed after training, Infosys pays back the student the course fee on Udacity.

Putting in hundreds of fresh minds with the new skills is a good move. India’s top five technology firms have over the past two years undertaken a massive exercise of reskilling over half a million engineers in newer technologies. “The need to retrain the workforce is further amplified with the automation of the old work procesess. Hence, companies need new skills. In addition to different technical skills digital also requires employees to acquire new soft skills. All this is being addressed by investing in training in design thinking and agile development methodologies,” says Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and chief executive officer of Everest Group, a global outsourcing advisory.

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Hybrid IT: The Model of Choice for a Growing Set of Business Challenges | In the News

By now nearly every organization has taken advantage of cloud computing in some form or other—Infrastructure as as Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Countless studies have shown that the business benefits of cloud are just too significant to pass up.

That said, few organizations are prepared to adopt a “cloud only” approach. In many cases that’s because they continue to derive the maximum return from their systems already in place, on-premise or hosted. As a result, organizations today often operate mixed environments incorporating public and private clouds along with core systems of record like ERP. According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, 63% of organizations are now pursuing such a “hybrid IT” approach.

Yugal Joshi states that Everest Group’s research indicates that 77% of enterprises are actively pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy, with one in three migrating their production workloads to the cloud.  Enterprises can protect its existing investments and leverage best-of-breed cloud services to drive business value. And the hybrid model . . . provides the needed level of security, elasticity, and application-aligned infrastructure better than a ‘one size fits all’ ecosystem.

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Top 5 Indian IT firms to decelerate this fiscal: Studies | In the News

Everest Group forecasts that organic constant currency revenue growth for the top five Indian IT firms TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro and HCL Technologies will drop to 6.9 per cent in the ongoing fiscal, from 7.9 per cent in the preceding year ended March.

The collective growth of the five has dropped for the last seven quarters, from 13.2 per cent in the June 2015 quarter to 6.9 per cent in the March 2017 quarter, underscoring the pressures the companies have been facing.

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IT is a worry! Headhunters see more than 90% jump in mid-level tech resumes | In the News

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group said that the spike in resumes of mid-management IT professionals makes sense since in order to keep the cost under control IT companies must lay off mid-management employees to allow them to bring on cheap freshers and promote last year’s freshers which are also cheaper than the tenured employees.

“This phenomenon is further exacerbated by the pivot of the industry into the new digital business which requires reskilling workers and moving them from management positions into individual contributor positions.”

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Hexaware’s Ernst & Young Contract Shrinks Sharply | In the News

Jimit Arora, who leads Everest Group’s IT services research practice, said clients rationalize their service provider portfolios and consolidate spending with larger players. As this happens, the big 5 of Indian IT benefit. “Overall, I also see this as a broader trend in Big 4 (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC) where they are seeking to play a broader role in IT and digital services, and are not only looking to outsourcing to serve their internal needs but also partner with IT services companies to deliver end-to-end services to clients. In effect, they are looking to move beyond just being a consulting partner and looking to get deeper into implementation for their clients. Partnerships with the Indian-heritage companies, allows them access to on-demand, offshore talent and competitive price-points.”

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Why IT Service Providers are Investing in North America | In the News

The demand for digital transformation related technologies specifically is driving interest in certain metropolitan areas. The share of digital services being delivered in new service provider set-ups has been steadily increasing from approximately 25 percent in 2012 to 63 percent in 2016. “This percentage is expected to continue to remain high as service providers focus on expanding and broadening their digital capabilities,” says Everest Group Vice President Salil Dani.


Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Rhetoric is Stalling Global IT Services Sector | In the News

A Trump executive order said US government agencies should look at ways to reduce the number of immigrant workers in the country, including reducing the use of H-1B visas. This is part of an election campaign promise to encourage employers to hire more US citizens.

This is having an impact on IT services, with providers and their enterprise customers in the US holding back from investing in services offshore as well as pausing hiring at their own operations in India. This is because it is not clear how immigration laws will change, according to Sarthak Brahma, head of pricing advisory at Everest Group.

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