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The Changing Challenges and Focus Areas for CFOs around the World | In the News

The post-pandemic landscape has made CFOs evaluate business models and place more value on transformative initiatives that help them prepare for future challenges. Their roles have changed along with their areas of focus.

Learn how CFOs’ imperatives have changed since 2020, according to a new report from Everest Group and WNS, Global CFO Survey 2022: Separating Chatter from Reality.

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CFOs Have More Ability to Invest in Digital Now than during Pandemic | In the News

Business leaders are looking to digital transformation as a key priority as they battle high inflation and changing macroeconomic conditions.

More than 70% of CFOs now recognize the need to leverage digital technologies to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and stakeholder experience, according to the 2022 Global CFO survey conducted by Everest Group and supported by business process management company WNS holdings.

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CFOs Must Improve Communication About Resources for Developing Apps | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

The most important investments companies are making right now are around technology. And that’s no wonder. Digital opportunities within application services alone prove successful in achieving efficiency, growth and enablement. It’s so easy to book a business reservation or check in with your flight on your smartphone, for instance. And it’s easy to communicate with your grandmother, children or friends on Facebook. Or share news of a new product through a YouTube video and watch it go viral with millions of people sharing it. But building digital apps is neither easy nor cheap. Simplicity in interactive apps comes at a very high price. Many initiatives are not adequately funded because the CFO is not adequately communicating the investment and effort required.
There are a lot of false expectations around building digital apps.

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