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Social Media Exploding in CCO | Market Insights™

CCO 2013 annual report - EGR-2013-1-R-0906b4-I3

While still the smallest channel base, social media experienced explosive growth of 85-95% in contract inclusion in 2012. The email channel experienced robust growth of 20-25%, and chat grew 15 to 20%, and voice 8-10%. CCO providers and their clients continue working together to determine how to drive optimum value and impact, not only from the social medial channel, but overall channel mix as well.

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Vicious Cycle: Attrition Cost Per Lost CSR Rises as Overall Attrition Increases | Market Insights™

Business Impacts of CC attrition 2

The total cost impact of attrition varies based on the actual level of overall attrition: costs increase by about 1.3% for every 10% increase in annual attrition rate. The higher per-Customer Service Representative (CSR) cost of attrition, which holds true for contact centers located in both onshore and offshore locations, is driven by the need to maintain a larger infrastructure to support higher attrition rates.

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