Rogue, Stealth, Shadow: The Antiheroes of IT | In the News

The names that define the illicit hardware and software introduced into the organisation are uncannily accurate, but can be turned into a business benefit.

In a dark, gloomy and quiet corner of the office, behind cupped hands, the hushed words are spoken for fear that anyone else should hear: “Shhh, don’t say it out loud, but we’ve got a case of shadow IT.”

It’s not just limited to free apps either. Between both Gartner and Everest Group, their research found that anything from 30% to 50% of enterprise spend is linked to shadow IT. And both think this is likely not even close to the truth. The reality is that shadow tech is simple, accessible, cost-effective and quick. It doesn’t labour under the complex security and red tape restrictions that oft en hamper approved applications. And, let’s face it, many of the apps and solutions provided by organisations are difficult to use, bloated and chosen by management, not by the users.

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