Global Services Trends

Market Vista™, IT Services Forecaster, and Market Assessments
provide the insights to understand the global services landscape

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Making Sense of Global Services

Global services is a complex and diverse market to understand. With our rigorous definitions and leading data sets, we can help shed light on the most important trends and opportunities for your organization. These offerings complement our more detailed function and industry-specific capabilities

Market Vista™

Market Vista™ is the industry’s leading source for comprehensive developments across sourcing models (outsourcing and GICs), locations, service providers, and risks. The subscription provides quarterly data and analysis of the global services market, and access to reports and our analysts are available as an annual membership




global services reports and research from Everest Group

IT Services Executive Insights

Strategic investors in the outsourcing market need to understand the relative performance of service providers across functions, industries, and geographies. IT Services Forecaster is our new analysis of 20 leading service providers and is designed for service provider executives and financial investors. Access to reports and our analysts are available as an annual membership



Market Opportunity Assessment

The global services market is actually a combination of many smaller markets, which vary by function, geography, and industry. Service providers looking for opportunities to grow their business by entering new markets, use our datasets and expertise to provide the fact-base and insights to make informed investment decisions



Custom Market Tracking

For senior leaders, being able to continually make the right global services decisions for your organization is critical. We can provide customized tracking of the factors which help inform day-to-day decisions and confirm or dispute current strategies. Available on a timeframe which meets your needs (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually), examples include industry peer activities and performance, geographical developments, and others



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