Domain Expertise

Our functional and industry knowledge is combined with deep domain expertise
in pricing, locations, Global In-house Centers, and service delivery technologies

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Our Domain Expertise

We have a robust set of domain capabilities that anchor our functional and industry expertise. These address a range of global services issues from locations to sourcing models to economic models


Every shift in outsourcing strategy – automation/technology leverage, location, delivery model, solution dynamics – impacts pricing. From price benchmarks to strategic review of your engagement, the impacts of next-generation delivery models on pricing to proposal and contract insights, we can help you on all pricing challenges


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Global Services Trends

Global services is a complex and diverse market to understand. With our rigorous definitions and leading data sets, we can help shed light on the most important trends and opportunities for your organization. These offerings complement our more detailed function and industry-specific capabilities


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A simple comparison of your organization’s metrics to others in the market will reveal differences. It is critical to understand why the metrics differ. To this end, our approach to benchmark data drills into the details to understand the “whys,” which enables our clients to use the insight we deliver to take practical action when benchmarking services


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Shared Services Centers (or GICs)

The Shared Services Center (also known as Global In-house Center/GIC or captive) model continues to grow rapidly and is evolving in multiple ways. GICs are stepping-up to play a broader role beyond their delivery mandates in the global sourcing models of their respective organizations, bringing more influence and accountability to them


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Service Delivery Locations

As global service delivery models have matured, hundreds of onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations have emerged and matured. Each has unique attributes in terms of costs structures, talent markets, and risk profiles. As the recognized leader in service delivery locations, we provide a range of services from access to data and insights to location selection and portfolio optimization


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Peer Intelligence

To remain competitive in today’s fast changing and dynamic environment, companies must have fact-based market intelligence to make informed decisions, effectively shape their long-term thinking, and support strategic planning. Everest Group’s Peer Intelligence research offering provides fact-based intelligence on peer activity to help orient, strengthen, and reinforce decision-making, minimize risk, and justify near-term recommendations


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Service Optimization Technologies

Our Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) research helps organizations address the challenge through an adoption framework, capability maturity models, business case advice, adoption benchmarks, and software selection, all focused on leading-edge Robotic Process Automation (RPA)- and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technologies


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Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics (D&A) research covers the entire spectrum of D&A services and offers insights on the latest developments and disruptions in the industry. We look at all aspects of the analytics solution, spanning all business functions and industries, and emphasizing next-generation technologies that enable data-led transformation


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Service Provider Capabilities

Building relationships with the right portfolio of service providers to meet your organization’s needs is a critical component of an effective global services strategy. With so many service providers serving the market – from generalists to specialists across industries and geographies – this can be a daunting effort. Everest Group’s research and expertise provides valuable insights and can be customized to match your specific questions


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Analyst Spotlight

Sarah Burnett

Exec. Vice President & Distinguished Analyst

Sarah serves European clients across Everest Group’s research areas and leads its Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) offering globally. She assists clients on topics related to European sourcing market and trends, as well as Service Delivery Automation – RPA and cognitive technologies.

Sakshi Garg

Sakshi Garg

Vice President

Sakshi Garg leads Everest Group’s Global Sourcing offering. She assists clients on topics related to location optimization, sourcing model benchmarking, and Global In-house Center (GIC)-related research.


Abhishek Sharma


Abhishek Sharma assists clients on topics related to price and contract benchmarking, strategic engagement reviews, and sourcing cost rationalization. Abhishek’s responsibilities include providing delivery leadership on all of Everest Group’s Pricing Assurance engagements.


Other Offerings

Account Intelligence

Need to understand the details of how organizations are sourcing and delivering their global services? Account Intelligence is a unique methodology that utilizes data sources other than our proprietary RFI data to help unlock tactical insights into the current landscape of an account




Market Intelligence

Our on-line tool of publicly announced outsourcing transactions allows organizations to find details about transactions by company, industry, geography, function, and more. Containing over 27,000 transactions, the tool provides valuable insights for planning sales efforts and understanding upcoming renewals



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