Opinions matter. But facts count

Do opinions matter? Yes, but they aren’t all that matter.

Research that is based primarily on opinions can be detached from reality and lose its impact.

Our roots are in helping organizations make their most challenging and enduring decisions – refined strategies, new investments, changes to talent models. These all require clarity of thought, confidence to act, and sustained conviction.

As a result, our published research is anchored in fact-based analysis, which we use to form a foundation upon which to offer advice and recommendations. Our clients tell us they value our work because it is ready for the boardroom.

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We accomplish this by gathering as much data and facts as possible. And we do this over time – it is an ongoing process to track developments and market adoption, thereby understanding which hot topics are gaining real traction versus spinning headlines.

Our approach empowers insights

  • Through well-structured analysis with clear definitions 
  • By tracking over time to see real trends and shifting momentum
  • With frameworks to understand the material drivers of potential change

As a result, our work is widely recognized as the most factual analysis of the business process, information technology, and engineering services segments. Our State of the Market reports, PEAK Matrix® reports, and Pinnacle Model® analyses are all examples of our distinctive approach. And we do all of this in more areas and in more depth than any of source of research in the services markets.

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