Patricia Blair came to Everest Group with a wide range of skills and a wealth of experience. Originally a consultant in the early years of her career, she eventually moved into marketing, and over time, she ascended the ranks and found her way to the Chief Marketing Officer’s chair. During her marketing years, Patricia became sharply focused on everything digital, and her excitement for the technology and operations side of business became her passion for years to come and throughout her roles at Everest Group.

Patricia started at Everest Group as Vice President of Digital Strategies and was hired to develop a refreshed website for Everest Group – an area that she had experience in with her previous roles in marketing and digital implementations.

“I was initially interviewing for a consulting position. However, Peter [Everest Group CEO and founder] thought my skill set would be better used on the research side of the business,” she said. “And I’m so happy I went in this direction. As I was interviewing, leadership was very welcoming, and they were so insightful regarding not only how I could fill the immediate need, but where my skills and experience could add value in future roles,” she said.

When passion is met with encouragement, great things happen

Over time, as Everest Group grew, Patricia developed a digital and operations niche within the company. “I’m a problem solver at heart. One of the aspects of my job that excites and motivates me is addressing and solving a problem,” said Patricia. “I knew there was a lot of opportunity to improve processes, both in the workflows as well as technology implementation,” she said.

One particular experience she remembers is improving the method by which Everest Group’s analysts record and store their conversations during interactions with various companies. She saw an opportunity to enhance the system and set it up in a way where the analysts could better collaborate and share what they were finding. To achieve this, she uncovered a tool that could aid in collecting incoming inquiries and any subsequent conversations and allow any employee at Everest Group to access them and learn from the interaction.

“I really appreciated that leadership trusted me to work in a way where I could come up with new ideas and try out new things,” she said.

Growing the innovation dream team – Business Operations & Technology (BOT)

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As a Senior Vice President at Everest Group, Patricia ultimately formed a team of employees, part operations and part technology, known within the company as BOT. By bringing these two areas together, operations and technology began to learn from one another, collaborate, and see where they could improve processes.

“I wanted to scale our capabilities, and as our company grew, leadership allowed me to do just that,” she said.

Today, Patricia is honored that she has had the opportunity to add value to Everest Group and make it a more polished machine, whether through the inquiry process or tackling other problems. But what she’s most proud of is bringing together the BOT team.

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“In the span of around six months, I brought on new people to join tenured members and built the team, and now we’ve accomplished so much. I’m just so proud of them. They all work really well together,” she said. “They’re all so bright and remain cohesive even when I’m not there,” she said.

Shared trust and shared success

Apart from her work in the office, Patricia discovered early on that at Everest Group, the well-being of its employees is a priority, and they recognize employees’ commitments beyond the 9 to 5. About four months into her new position, and just as she was starting to make progress in her new role, she learned that she needed to take a leave of absence for a week because of a family emergency.

“Leadership told me to take the week and not stress that I wasn’t at work,” she said. “This is one of the reasons why I’m still with the company after all these years. I don’t know if I would have had the same opportunity at previous jobs,” she said.

Patricia also has kids and occasionally needs to step out of work to be a mom. “I have the flexibility to take my son to and from school, and that’s very important to me,” she said. Experiences like this have given Patricia a sense of loyalty to Everest Group. “You build a mutual trust,” she explained.

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The future holds new challenges, just waiting to be solved

Looking ahead, Patricia is very excited about what’s to come for Everest Group and its continued development.

“As we grow, we’re going to have to keep figuring out ways to do things differently and better and bring people along. This is exciting to me because so many opportunities present themselves when we expand our capabilities,” she said.

And despite the company’s growth over the past few years, Patricia still feels like the people at Everest Group are her family. “We all have each other’s backs here and want to see each other do well,” she said. “Everest Group is home.”

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