How the Path from Digital Automation to Autonomy Will Disrupt Enterprise in 2022 | In the News

Every significant technology disruption has led to fundamental changes in how businesses are run, what products and services are sold, and how customers engage with enterprises. Personal computers and the Internet propelled new business models and value chains, while smartphones and cloud computing enabled a shift toward more mobile, on-demand services.

According to Everest Group CEO, Peter Bendor-Samuel, “ Automating a process is the most cost-effective approach to labor and yields the maximum amount of savings. Implementing a Voice Response Unit (VRU) system is at the heart of this approach. VRUs connect to IVR (interactive voice response) systems for customers to make choices or direct a transaction. The system gives a customer a set of alternatives from which to narrow down the reason for the call so the system can funnel the customer to the right person in the company.”

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