Ronak joined Everest Group as a Senior Analyst in April 2015 after he completed his master’s degree in business administration. Everest Group had visited Ronak’s campus to recruit, and he was hired through the campus interview route. Ronak remembers being drawn to Everest Group because of the vast opportunities to learn, and he was intrigued by how the analysts at Everest Group take research to a deeper level and help clients make confident decisions.

“It was clear that Everest Group had very compelling data and worked with global clients of all sizes,” he said. “I could also see that the work they do is very focused and allows for analysts to build specialization, and that is really what made me want to work for Everest Group,” he said.

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Family is the bedrock of my strength and drive in life

Ronak didn’t know it yet, but he was at the beginning of a years-long journey with Everest Group, climbing from Senior Analyst to Partner and discovering what it means to be an effective analyst and a great leader.

A company that lives by its principles

Once hired, Ronak remembers having a very smooth and welcoming onboarding process. “At the office, everyone took the time to greet me. It was a great first impression,” he said. He also appreciated that Everest Group really lived by its principles. “What the company lives by is not just words painted on the wall. Our research is structured around building differentiated capabilities, solving clients’ challenges so they know what to do and how to prepare, and becoming our clients’ extended support team for the long haul.”

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Becoming a market-facing analyst from the start

Ronak soon discovered that he wouldn’t just be researching pressing topics and issues for clients. He would also be taking research findings back to the client and working with them directly. “I learned that as an analyst at Everest Group, you are market-facing at any level,” he said. “That for me was so incredible because I had that chance to talk to the client so I could better understand their critical, unique issues, build hypotheses around those issues, do the research to test these hypotheses, and then create the report and present it to them.”

As a Senior Analyst, Ronak managed client projects, led meetings with clients, and handled inquiries independently. His managers encouraged him to have his own point of view on topics and when working with clients. This ultimately helped him develop as an analyst and better serve the client. “Getting the opportunity to build multiple scenarios around an issue and guide the client helps them learn and plan, and gives us a forward-looking point of view,” Ronak explains. “This helps our clients stay ahead of whatever comes at them,” he said.

For Ronak, being an analyst at Everest Group means going a step further in understanding clients’ challenges, finding answers in a proactive manner, and delivering research in a usable and action-oriented way.

Advancement through meritocracy and encouragement to chase down innovation

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Everest Group builds up and nurtures analysts, so trust is developed in them to lead projects. “This trust has brought about many opportunities,” said Ronak. For example, Ronak was interested in emerging technologies, and he was encouraged to take on projects in this space and present a variety of market landscapes to the senior leadership of large companies. “I could not believe I was taking on these projects for global companies just a few months out of school,” he said.

This freedom to run down ideas and create new products and offerings and then expand them gives the analysts plenty of room to grow. “It gives you a sense that you’ve done something and makes you proud because you got in there, got your hands dirty, and set a foundation, and the organizational support took it forward.”

Having that freedom to go after the topics that interest him also opened the door to growth. Ronak was promoted to Practice Director, then Vice President, and finally, Partner. He saw that if an analyst at Everest Group has the desire to succeed, they will. “There is accelerated growth for analysts who show impact in terms of their client work and projects. Because the company believes in meritocracy, there are no barriers to becoming successful,” Ronak said.

Leadership that builds leaders

You are also not a lone warrior trying to get an idea out, Ronak said. The leadership at Everest Group aims to build up the analysts. And with that support, there is also great individual recognition for accomplishments. Also, if an analyst feels stuck, Ronak explains that there is excellent direction and feedback on how to improve.

“The leadership at Everest Group wants to build other leaders,” he said. “There is a give back philosophy of, I will do for you what my leader did for me, and this philosophy and way of thinking has proved to be quite powerful throughout the organization,” said Ronak.

Everest Group colleagues and clients become more than just work

Ronak has remained with Everest Group over the years because the support from leadership and his colleagues has created a family of sorts. “You become so tightly bonded because you know that whatever happens, you have people who have your back,” he said.

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Leaders in the firm who are my mentors, guides, and friends!

And from this example, Ronak has done the same for his team. “I landed in a place where I am helping to build the next generation of leaders,” he said. “I’ve seen some amazing talent come through with great potential and passion, and it’s been incredible to see them grow.” He says that when you work around people who are excited to do great work, they also push you to perform at your best. “As a leader, my team is the one keeping me on my toes!” he said.

Ronak also describes how much he’s enjoyed building relationships with clients. “I’ve made really good friends with my clients. There have even been times when they’ve been there for me in my own personal journey, and I don’t think many other firms can say that,” he said. As an analyst, Ronak explains that building the client relationship and taking the time to get to know your client is what makes you a true partner.

Never a dull moment and no slowing down

Ronak is happy to say that he’s constantly challenged at Everest Group. “My work here never gets boring, and that’s a huge part of what drives me,” he said. With each new project, he learns something more, which hasn’t ceased. “As we grow, the number of stakeholders we serve and the variety of business challenges they have are growing as well,” he said, “I don’t see us slowing down at all.”

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