Bhanushee Malhotra has worked for Everest Group for the last two and a half years. A writer since childhood and passionate about content development, she was drawn to Everest Group’s culture and research-focused work.

After graduating with a master’s degree in business administration from the International Management Institute (IMI) in Delhi, Bhanushee worked at GEP, a supply chain and procurement provider, for two years. When she came to work at Everest Group, she immediately felt like the work culture matched her work/life balance values. “I always wanted a career that was sustainable,” she said. “There shouldn’t be an expectation that you are married to the company itself. Everest Group is really good at helping employees achieve a balance.”

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For Bhanushee, Everest Group’s “flat culture” environment is one in which she thrives.

“Ideas are really respected here,” Bhanushee said. “It’s not like you’re a small cog in a big wheel. You are an important member. You can drive and contribute to many things because the leadership is very open to taking your ideas.”

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Trust and kindness in the workplace

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Bhanushee finds that the agency she has in her position exemplifies the trust between Everest Group and its employees. When it comes to projects, her team is given plenty of time to think about how to best implement and execute. “There’s always been a trust level that we’re going to do the right thing,” she said.

Understanding and trust are both elements that Bhanushee has observed in her time at Everest Group, and she is also impressed with how the culture further promoted kindness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One example is when the US-based senior leadership took over more work when the India team became overwhelmed. “They did it out of goodwill,” Bhanushee said. “You don’t meet people like that in the industry so often.”

Continuous growth in a diverse work environment

As Everest Group grows, Bhanushee has eagerly grown with it. After initially focusing on content development and research, she moved to more advisory-related projects and has since been involved in a large variety of projects across the board. “The kind of exposure I’m getting is very broad,” Bhanushee said, “and that is what has made me stay with Everest Group.”

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One instance during her experience at Everest Group that stands out to her today was working to drive value to a client’s sourcing and vendor management team. Bhanushee said that she was proud of her involvement, as it helped her understand how Everest Group helps accelerate a company’s work. In this case, the client was struggling with multiple information gaps around inflation and pricing trends, supplier intelligence across IT categories, and supplier score carding approaches, and needed access to subject matter expertise across areas. “The whole process: looking at the sales channel, the time it took building those connections, understanding the client’s needs, drafting an engagement plan, and then finally fitting the right product for them through our Outsourcing Excellence (OE) membership was a great accomplishment.”

Another achievement that stands out for Bhanushee is developing category strategies and creating reusable templates that can be adjusted for multiple other service areas within Everest Group. “I found it very exciting. It’s not just research that we’re doing,” she said. “We’re building actual usable, sustainable, and valuable content for our client executives.”

Bhanushee is excited about Everest Group branching out into new areas, such as ESG, and continuing to be exposed to vast and diverse areas of work.

“While I’m working on the Everest Group team, there’s always the opportunity for new and varied work,” she said. “It’s completely up to us; it’s in our control.”

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