Strategy Consulting

Architecting the breakthrough

strategy consulting services from Everest Group

Strategy Consulting

Insight to help you devise plans that put you on the right path to achieve performance breakthroughs

We work with clients to formulate bold plans for the type of performance breakthroughs needed in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. Our strategy consulting expertise works to propel their current approaches to technology and business services to the next level, moving from cost centers to business value generators.

Digging deep to find the true issues they face in realizing their goals, we expose constraints and empower our clients to attack them.

Our clients draw on our legacy of innovation

Let us help your organization develop the right strategy for creating new sources of growth and competitive differentiation via the adaption of business transformation, emerging technologies, and disruptive business models.

Our clients are visionary, and ask questions that push them to the next level

Business Transformation

  • How do we harness innovation to deliver cost-effective, functional, and sustainable products and services?
  • How do we translate technology innovation into business innovation opportunities?
  • How do we address the evolving needs of our stakeholders?
  • How do we disrupt our business before others have an opportunity to disrupt us?

IT Strategies

  • How can we morph the role of IT to one of delivering high business value and transformation?
  • How do we develop and use metrics for reporting and steering purposes?
  • How do we best design our outsourcing relationships and service centers (shared services, global in-house centers, and global delivery centers) to achieve our goals?
  • Do we have the right skill sets in house? What are the right skills?
  • How do we improve time-to-market of technology solutions?

Delivery Strategies

  • How do we leverage digitization to analyze business processes and support innovation efforts?
  • How do we build bimodal platforms to significantly improve digital performance?
  • How do we reap the benefits of as-service-models if we have a highly-customized legacy environment?

Growth Strategies

  • How do we improve our base account growth efficacy?
  • What options should we consider as we think of leveraging acquisitions for growth?

The Everest Group Advantage

Breadth of Expertise

We have worked with a large variety of clients, across many types of services. We take a long term view of the industry and our clients’ success

Unique Perspective

We work across buyers and providers, conducting significant original research, enabling us to see the industry more holistically

Flexible Approach

We are problem solvers; we devise a solution that is tailored to a client’s specific needs

Case Study

Transforming the Role of IT

Cecilia Edwards, Partner

Our client, the CIO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, was looking to remove additional cost from the IT organization. Using a problem-solving approach, informed by our IT background, we shifted the emphasis from merely cost reduction to driving business value throughout the organization. As a result, IT gained a seat at senior leadership’s table and, through collaboration with the business, was able to focus on strategic IT initiatives that unleashed productivity, maximized investments, and created new business value

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Case Study

Driving Scale and Adoption of New Technologies

Michael Hedegard, Associate Partner

A large business process service provider wanted to apply automation to improve the quality and effectiveness of its services but didn’t know how to get started. From our vantage point of extensive experience with services disruptions and the insights of our research, we led the client to modernize its delivery of new pursuits and improve its clients’ services

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