Unleashing the value


Insight and grit to guide you in maximizing results as quickly as possible

We uncover roadblocks, drive accountability, and position our clients for the continuous adaptability needed to meet evolving conditions.

Our clients are visionaries who are on a continuous path of achieving their goal to drive and adopt complex business transformation, emerging technologies, and disruptive business models as new sources of growth and competitive differentiation.

But sometimes obstacles prevent progress – both those that the client can identify and those in their blindsides. We expose constraints and identify opportunities to be more efficient.

Call on our strong strategic consulting capabilities and specialized sourcing advisory to push forward. Redefine how you compete and succeed.

Our clients ask questions about improving their use and delivery of technology and business services that will propel them to grow and differentiate:

Greater Impact

  • How can I drive the most value out of my strategic efforts?
  • What changes can unlock additional value and help us accelerate our goals?
  • How can I move from good to best-in-class capabilities?

Establish Momentum

  • What are the small steps that I can take to demonstrate quick impact and validate my long-term vision?
  • How do we determine the correct metrics to measure our ongoing progress?
  • How do I equip my organization to address the needed change and transformation?

Continuous Transformation

  • Am I considering all the opportunities available?
  • How do I help my organization stay focused on the bigger picture?
  • What changes to technology, processes, and talent should I be applying to my organization for improvements in cost and effectiveness?

The Everest Group Advantage

Broad View

You say you want to optimize? We help define the question – is it to optimize location or currency? Tax issues? Skills? Alignment with business objectives? We understand the nuances


We work with enterprises and service providers, so we know the challenges each face. We use this expertise to help both sides find alignment. We are one the side of success

Beyond the Benchmark

Service delivery is more than just a set of numbers and a ranking – our benchmarking helps clients understand the maturity of their capabilities and the required actions to deliver results

Case Study

Optimizing Talent to Achieve Corporate Objectives

Todd Hintze, Managing Partner

Our client, a leader in the rapidly-changing, highly-competitive travel industry, first turned to us for a baseline view of their geographically dispersed applications workforce. After uncovering several resource surprises, we delivered to the client a strategic workforce plan that helped them redistribute their best talent on their most important application products


Case Study

Ensuring Business Case Results of an IT Transition

Mark Lade, Associate Partner

Our client, the CIO of a major oil & gas pipeline operator, needed a partner to support a new robust, sophisticated set of applications. After guiding them in defining the target state, developing a business case, and finding a marketplace solution, we focused on the transition. We positioned them to to achieve sustained value, avoid the varied pitfalls of value erosion and, most importantly, set the proper tone of the relationship from the start


Case Study

Improving Performance and Driving Cost Reductions

Barbara Beller, Associate Partner

Our client, a large U.S. commercial bank, sought cost savings to fund other initiatives. They also faced the challenges of disparate processes and demanding end-user customers. As a result of our deep expertise in sourcing and our functional and industry knowledge, the client established an outsourcing relationship that resulted in 45% operational cost savings, overall performance improvements, and enhanced customer experience


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