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It’s not new to disrupt with a differentiating business model. What frazzles many today is the velocity of change

“Going digital” is nearly standard M.O. Yet defining best practice is a moving target. Every day feels like a new frontier. There’s no time for ill-informed decisions. No time to course-correct.

With so much at stake, teams feel unsure. Stasis sets in

This is why, at Everest Group, our consulting is research-informed. Facts are guide rails and signposts. Deep experience gives us the confidence to frame progress with benchmarks. While each journey is unique, the arc of a journey is universal. And for that we provide a really detailed map.


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Only 10% of Organizations Say They're Ready for Digital transformation. Are You?

Cecilia Edwards, Partner

After surveying IT Leaders at more than 200 companies, we have insights to help you succeed at transformation. The three core distinctions between Pinnacle Enterprises™ and the rest of the pack include: 1) Overall alignment with their business. 2) Ability to support and drive innovation. 3) Focus on enterprise outcomes instead of just IT outcomes.


Multiple journeys to success

IT and digital transformation

Define and execute the right, realistic strategy for your organization.

Sourcing execution

Plan and execute the unique strategy that enables your organization to maximize the benefits.

Transition and transformation

Design a holistic, jointly planned and executed approach with transformational outcomes as the goal.

Vendor management and governance

Implement the three vital tenets of effective vendor management and governance that stand the test of time.

Global business services / shared services

Lead your global business services program to drive innovation, contribute top-line business impact, and enable growth in new markets.

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