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Global Optimization: How a Professional Services Leader Used Data to Streamline Locations Decisions

A leading professional services firm found itself at a crossroads. With a vast global footprint, it needed to optimize its office locations worldwide. But with competing priorities, lack of internal data, and limited bandwidth, it required an outside perspective. The firm turned to Everest Group, embarking on a custom engagement to achieve location portfolio excellence.

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The challenge: optimizing a global footprint

With locations spanning the globe, this professional services leader aimed to align its real estate with business goals. However, fragmented insights and competing priorities presented obstacles. Tight timelines hindered a thorough analysis of role distribution, talent needs, and cost structures across geographies. The organization required objective data and an outside perspective to inform strategic location decisions.

Everest Group solution: data, benchmarks, and insights

Everest Group conducted a thorough assessment, bringing facts where opinions previously dominated. Leveraging proprietary data assets, we streamlined the discussion by benchmarking the client's footprint against industry leaders. Custom location analyses illuminated role distribution, talent availability, real estate costs, and other key factors. Everest Group's strategists translated these insights into clear, targeted recommendations to optimize the location portfolio. Our independent perspective cut through internal debate to focus decisions.

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Results and impact: confidence in a new location strategy

With Everest Group's data-driven recommendations, the professional services firm gained the confidence to align locations with strategic goals. Everest Group's benchmarks provided an outside-in perspective to balance internal opinions. The client could right-size presence across key regions, concentrating roles in cost-effective talent hubs. This location strategy upgrade unlocked significant savings while positioning the business for growth.

Everest Group's fact-based approach brought welcome clarity to a complex decision process. Their custom analysis gave us the confidence we needed to optimize our global footprint.
- GBS Stakeholder from the organization
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Objective data to drive decisions

Facing a complex location optimization challenge, this client needed unbiased data. Points of view abounded internally, but facts were scarce. With access to comprehensive location data – spanning talent availability, real estate costs, and business environment factors – Everest Group brought clarity and direction. Our custom analysis, tailored benchmarks, and independent perspective grounded the client's decisions with facts. With Everest Group, the professional services leader could optimize locations with confidence.

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