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Sustainability Vision Becomes Reality with Tailored Roadmap

A leading global IT services provider had a bold vision to expand its sustainability offerings and help clients reach their environmental goals. However, with a vast portfolio spanning nearly every industry, determining where to start was no easy feat. Given the fast pace of change and evolving client demands around sustainability, the company knew it needed to act quickly to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s specific environmental objectives.

Client challenge: the search for the right path

With so many potential directions, the IT services provider struggled to identify the highest-impact sustainability opportunities. Its vast array of solutions and capabilities across regions, industries, and technologies created a complex maze of options. With this lack of clarity on where to start, its sustainability initiatives failed to gain traction.

The provider needed an expert guide to cut through the complexity and chart the optimal course. But, with disjointed sustainability efforts across business units, it lacked a unified view of its capabilities. Its vast geographic footprint also made it difficult to recognize sustainability trends localized to specific regions.

After extensively evaluating various research firms, the provider chose Everest Group for their unparalleled insights into emerging sustainability trends across industries. Everest Group's combination of market intelligence, data assets, and advisory experience made us uniquely positioned to uncover the most promising areas to enable the provider's sustainability leadership.

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Everest Group solution: charting the route

Everest Group worked closely with the provider’s executives to deeply understand its current capabilities and areas primed for growth. We then analyzed the competitive landscape and created a framework to identify the ripest sustainability use cases for the provider to target.

Our custom approach revealed the top use cases, with alignment on the provider’s focus industries and verticals, where the provider could make the biggest impact based on market adoption, competitive intensity, and alignment with existing strengths. Everest Group outlined tangible recommendations to develop differentiated offerings, forge partnerships, and craft a go-to-market strategy tailored to each high-potential use case.

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When faced with a complex landscape, the provider chose the right guide to realize its vision. Everest Group identified the top sustainability use cases to pursue based on a custom prioritization framework, obtained data-driven recommendations to develop differentiated offerings and partnerships, crafted tailored go-to-market strategies to launch new capabilities, gained insider competitive intelligence to inform strategic planning, and unlocked a clear roadmap to accelerate the client's sustainability leadership.

Results and impact: arriving at the destination

The service provider emerged with a practical strategy to meet client sustainability needs and supercharge its leadership in this accelerating market. This investment roadmap depicted immediate areas of focus and long-term bets for the future. As the head of sustainability shared, “With Everest Group’s strategic insights and industry knowledge, we can more confidently invest in the capabilities that will drive our clients’ success and our own growth.”

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With its expanded sustainability services portfolio ready for launch, the provider is set to enable clients to reach their environmental goals while cementing its position as an essential partner for sustainable transformation.

The clear choice for sustainability leadership

The client ultimately selected Everest Group over other research firms because of Everest Group's unmatched industry knowledge, proprietary data assets, and experience advising global organizations on emerging technology trends. Everest Group's sustainability research was the most leading-edge and tailored to the client's specific needs.

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