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The perfect fit: global financial services firm finds its ideal Indian hub

When a leading financial services firm needed to establish a new shared services center in India, it turned to Everest Group for an objective, 360-degree analysis to identify the optimal location. With Everest Group’s robust due diligence and on-the-ground validation, the client selected Hyderabad, which enabled it to double its center’s size within five years.

The challenge: identifying the ideal Indian city for expansion

The financial services firm faced a major decision – where to establish its new shared services hub in India. With dozens of potential cities and no internal knowledge of the local market, India's vast geography posed a significant obstacle.

The client needed to identify a location that could support its global footprint across multiple dimensions, provide access to qualified talent to maintain operations and service quality, and offer cost efficiencies to achieve its desired profit margins. Meanwhile, cities had vastly differing risk profiles regarding infrastructure, government policies, talent retention, and more.

Equipped with hard facts and perspective, Everest Group formulated actionable recommendations to empower the client’s decisions.

With so many variables at play, the client required an experienced partner to cut through the complexity. It needed robust data and on-the-ground insights to make the optimal expansion decision. The stakes were high, as choosing the wrong location could jeopardize its Indian growth plans.

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The Everest Group solution: objective analysis and validation

Everest Group conducted a meticulous evaluation of six shortlisted cities in India. We provided a completely objective view of each location's pros and cons to identify the top two contenders.

For these finalists, our team performed comprehensive due diligence and on-site validation. We facilitated visits with key local stakeholders, including existing industry players and real estate firms. This enabled us to build rich, on-the-ground perspectives and validate findings.

Throughout the process, Everest Group provided a 360-degree analysis of all considerations, including external market factors and internal client needs, enabling the client to make a fully informed, confident decision.

The results: exponential growth in Hyderabad

Armed with Everest Group's robust assessment, the client selected Hyderabad as the ideal location for its new shared services center. The city offered the right mix of talent, costs, infrastructure, and operating conditions to support its global operations.

Just five years after its launch, the Hyderabad center has already doubled in size. The client established a solid foundation to drive ongoing expansion and success by choosing the best-fit location from the start.

Everest Group's research and advice were invaluable in identifying the optimal expansion location. Their expertise ensured our new center was set up for maximum growth and impact.
- GBS Head

Unbiased expertise and on-the-ground diligence

The client selected Everest Group over other research firms due to our deep expertise in location assessment and on-the-ground validation. Our objectivity, rigorous analysis, and hands-on approach enabled the client to find the perfect platform for future growth.

Leveraging Everest Group's objective insights, the client secured its foothold in the high-potential Indian market, paving the way for long-term success.

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