Helping a global bank redesign its delivery locations portfolio

A major global bank faced a critical juncture. With digital disruption accelerating, transforming its extensive location portfolio was imperative to consolidate sites and enable long-term growth. The bank partnered with Everest Group, embarking on a strategic initiative to develop an ambitious global locations and workforce strategy.

The challenge: navigating a complex maze

As one of the top global players in the energy sector, Shell operates in a highly complex and competitive environment. Maximizing workforce efficiency and talent is critical to maintaining its leadership position in the face of market headwinds.

The bank faced obstacles, including navigating regulatory variations across markets, structured work placement, retaining talent during transitions, aligning stakeholders globally, and the lack of definition in the role of its centers, leading to ambiguity and inefficiencies. With ingrained legacy processes, managing change would be pivotal. The bank sought an objective assessment of its portfolio and a data-driven plan to optimize its global footprint for the future.

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The Everest Group solution: illuminating the path forward

Everest Group helped the bank pursue its location strategy with clarity and analytical rigor. We developed guiding principles aligned with the bank's priorities to inform decision-making. Each center was designated a role, such as hubs, spokes, satellites, BCP sites, etc. These roles were defined in conjunction with the function and geography served. Redundancy was systematically built, following a programmatic approach, taking into consideration both risks and rewards. We conducted in-depth assessments of each location, benchmarking costs, talent availability, risk profiles, infrastructure quality, and other key factors.

Leveraging our proprietary database of global services delivery locations, Everest Group provided objective perspectives on suitability for the bank's business needs. We developed optimization scenarios reflecting consolidation timelines, transition costs, and other constraints. Our models incorporated advanced analytics to quantify tradeoffs between cost reduction, talent retention, and strategic alignment.

We then built data-backed scenarios modeling potential future end-states from the current baseline to 2030. Our quantitative analysis weighed the total cost of ownership for each location against its strategic value-add. Granular financial plans mapped the optimal journey to future consolidation while managing risk.

Throughout the engagement, we combined a strategic lens with evidence-based, pragmatic recommendations tailored to the bank. The Everest Group team provided hands-on support to build internal alignment and drive change management. With in-depth knowledge and analytical rigor, Everest Group equipped the bank with clear, actionable strategies to transform its global delivery footprint.

The results: US$660 million in savings and a future-ready blueprint

Armed with Everest Group's analysis, the bank obtained a blueprint to transform its global delivery footprint for large-scale consolidation from 20+ global delivery locations to 5+ by 2030, which results in over US$660 million in potential savings. More importantly, Everest Group equipped the bank with a plan tailored to its distinct needs and strategy.

Everest Group designed a best-in-breed portfolio ideally suited to our requirements.
The bank's Head of Migrations and Capacity Management
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Beyond substantial cost reduction, Everest Group's work provided vital perspectives to help the bank build a resilient, forward-looking locations strategy. The bank selected Everest Group for our specialized expertise in location optimization and global delivery advisory. With tailored analytics and an independent lens, Everest Group empowered the bank with the insights to chart its strategic course ahead.

The right partner for a strategic journey

The bank chose Everest Group as its trusted advisor for this crucial initiative, given our unparalleled experience in location strategy and global delivery. After decades of analyzing worldwide delivery locations, Everest Group delivered unique insights into site suitability and consolidation opportunities. Our fact-based, independent perspective gave the bank complete confidence in our recommendations.

Everest Group's proprietary data assets also enabled robust scenario modeling and financial analysis tailored to the bank's specific needs. The bank recognized Everest Group had the specialized knowledge and analytical rigor necessary to deliver actionable strategies aligned with its business goals.

Moving forward with confidence

With unrelenting disruption reshaping the banking landscape, agility and efficiency are imperative. Everest Group empowered this leading bank with data-driven strategies to consolidate its global delivery footprint while optimizing for the future. The bank can now pursue its transformation with confidence, backed by a clear roadmap tailored to its unique needs. With Everest Group, the bank is well-positioned to evolve its location portfolio and achieve its strategic goals in a rapidly changing world.

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