How CEO Aiman Ezzat Is Positioning Capgemini for Its Next Phase of Transformative Growth | In the News

There was a time when Aiman Ezzat was dropped into the hot seat of CFO at Capgemini, the Paris-headquartered global IT services company.

“Capgemini has historically benefited from its European roots and its access to senior EU decision-makers,” Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of US-based IT consultancy Everest Group, tells Forbes India in an email. It has also had a strong commitment to consulting, which in turn has often positioned it well on the leading edge of many of the big innovations in the market place. For example, Capgemini was one of the early leaders in complex business process outsourcing. It also has a strong position in design and design thinking — an often iterative way of arriving at solutions based on better, deeper understanding of the end users.

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