Data Management vs. Data Science | In the News

The shift in the business perception of data has now catapulted Data Management into new heights. Data Science is a core component of Data Management now, but Data Management and Data Science are often seen as two different activities. Working among data analysts, data engineers, and DBAs, data scientists spend their time getting the data infrastructure right for data analysis and competitive intelligence. But, in the growing next-generation data market, Data Management and analytics will be the core differentiators for market success, and so both Data Management and Data Science must work together.

Forbes post refers to an Everest Group study that states the global Data Management and analytics market will reach $135 billion by 2025. Over the years, vendors in this market have moved from a function-to-process to platform orientation. In platform orientation, data is no longer viewed as a byproduct of business processes, but rather the nerve-center of the business.



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